What lies on the other side..?

You have arrived a world divided in two sides. One is the peaceful Hearth, other is the invisible continent of Eifron, home to magic and inhuman creatures.

Natsume lives a normal life on the Hearth side, having no idea of her origins and mysteries of her family's troubled past. Meanwhile in Eifron a group named Sigma deals with devils who disrupt peace by wreaking havoc. These two vastly different sides are set to become one once again, none knowing what awaits from it...

About the comic

  • Genres: Fantasy, Action, Drama, Queer
  • Content Warnings:

  • ◈ Violence
  • ◈ Gore
  • ◈ Death
  • ◈ Depression and related themes
  • ◈ Swearing
  • ◈ Mild sexual content
  • ◈ Use of alcohol

This comic is diverse in character's gender identities and sexualities, please be respectful.

Reversed is a story of fiction. It's not meant to represent any kind of real life event or episode in history, any resemblance is mere coincidence.

By browsing this website you agree you're okay with all the warnings above. Having said that, hope you enjoy my comic!

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